Conti M10 - Berøringsfrit armatur med temp. vælger, uden løft op ventil, med batteri fra Cassøe

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Beautiful and stylish amartur from Danish Cassøe, which does well in design and has a quality that is always in order. This is a non-contact washbasin, which means you do not have to touch the tap before or use. The tap is battery powered and easy to use. With a bend on the tap, you get a unique and very special amartur. The amarturet is without lifting up valve. Dimensions: H: 127 mm.

All Conti non-contact luminaires are: 

  • Unleaded
  • Hygienic
  • Water saving up to 70% per. year
  • Easy installation with battery operation
  • Stop and continuous running water function 
  • The luminaires can be delivered for mains operation
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